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North Carolina Tandem Skydiving can offer you the most thrilling experience of a lifetime. Imagine yourself free-falling several hundred feet towards the earth, feeling both exhilarated and scared to death. With North Carolina Skydive, we can give you the thrill of a lifetime. On top of that, we can also capture the experience on video so that you can remember the thrill of North Carolina Skydive and share it with your friends and family.

Whether it is your first skydiving jump, or your 100th, it is always an experience to be remembered. Now, you can cherish your skydiving memories forever by having a custom video recording of your dive. You can share your video with your friends on Facebook, family and more.

When you go skydiving, we offer to make a video record of your skydive. Your cameraman will go through the entire skydive with you, recording every moment of your jump. Starting off with an interview on the ground before you jump, your cameraman will record everything from gearing-up through your safe landing on the ground.

With a video recording of your North Carolina Tandem Skydiving experience, you can have a DVD, tape or digital copy of your dive to share with everyone you want. You will have your own personal cameraman with you, recording your entire skydiving trip, and waiting on the ground to capture your landing and after-thoughts.

Once your skydive has been recorded, we will professionally edit the end result and set it to music. We can make the entire video and have the editing done within 15 – 30 minutes of your landing.

Why is North Carolina Tandem Skydiving so special?

  • Anyone over 18 years old can go skydiving with just a minimal amount of pre-skydiving instructions.

  • Tandem skydiving is the most common method used for first time jumpers, and allows the instructor to guide the jumper throughout the entire process of freefalling, piloting and landing safely.

  • While you are learning the basics of skydiving, the instructor guarantees the safe and timely deployment of the canopy. You can go on your first ever skydiving adventure rest assured that you're in good hands.

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